TikimanBob sent me an article today that, quite frankly, had me laughing.  You can read the article here.  I know the article is 7 years old, but it’s still funny to know that people have associated MTG with the occult.  He goes so far out of his way to try to link MTG to the occult that he outright lies.  Claiming that D&D came from the occult, and since MTG has some bases in D&D that it’s from the occult.

The description of the color pie is probably the most laughable part.  “I cast Dark Ritual, man.  I must be a necromancer.”

The sad truth to all this is that he does more harm to his belief system then help through propaganda like this.  Many Christians play MTG, and it in no way sways them to join the occult.  This is probably the same brand of religious zealot that thinks “atheist” means “devil worshiper.”


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