Worlds Tour: Introduction to Ben

Since the Competition between all worlds top four decklists from 1993 to present is set to begin very soon, why not have a proper introduction for the other person that will pilot these legendary decks . My name is Ben “TikimanBob” Neff, and I began playing Magic in High School. Now, as Hinderless said in the introduction article to this fun event, I am not by any means a pro player or even an exceptional player. I like to think of myself as the most fantastic average player you’ll meet (though I’ve been assured I can be promoted to above-average).

My play experience started with Onslaught and Mirrodin, then I quit playing when the first block of Kamigawa was released and only just returned when Zendikar was released. So you can imagine my surprise when I saw how much the game had changed since I had stopped playing (Planeswalkers were the biggest surprise). Since then, I’ve gotten back in to the game and look forward to giving a good show to any and all that watch this tournament.



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