Worlds Tour: UW Tron vs Opp-Orb

Last night was the official beginning of the Worlds Tour mega-tournament. The first match ended up being Andrea Santin’s Opp-Orb deck from 2001 and Ryo Orgura’s UW Tron deck from 2006. So here we go with the decklists:


played by Ben

20 Island

2 Rishadan Port (heck yeah!)

3 Glacial Wall

4 Lord of Alantis

4 Merfolk Looter

4 Rootwater Thief

3 Waterfront Bouncer

3 Counterspell

3 Foil

3 Gush

4 Opposition

4 Static Orb

3 Thwart

This deck ended up being extremely hard to play, but I think Ben figured it by the end. The general strategy here is to overrun the opponent with your merpeople. Sometimes this involves locking your opponent down with Opposition and Static Orb for a long game, or just plain overrunning them by playing creature after creature while defending them with your free counters. Overall, the deck seems like a draw-go deck that allows you to play creatures on your turn to stay ahead on tempo.

UW Tron

played by Ronnie

1 Academy Ruins

4 Ardarkar Wastes

4 Hallowed Fountain

1 Island

1 Urza’s Factory

4 Urza’s Mine

4 Urza’s Power Plant

4 Urza’s Tower

2 Teferi, Mage of Zhalfir

2 Triskelavus

4 Azorius Signet

1 Careful Consideration

1 Commandeer

4 Compulsive Research

3 Dimir Signet

2 Faith’s Fetters

2 Mana Leak

1 Mystical Teachings

4 Remand

2 Spell Burst

2 Spell Snare

2 Think Twice

2 Tidings

3 Wrath of God

This deck was a little more straight forward: Mana, mana, mana. The deck almost plays draw-go in the early parts of the game, until it can get the Tron online. Once the Tron gets assembled it just overpowers the opponent with expensive spells. In a pinch it can get a Triskelavus cycle going, by removing all counters from it and using one of the tokens to kill the Triskelavus. Then, it pus the Triskelavus back on top of it’s deck using Academy Ruins. Overall, an awesome quasi-combo deck.

The Match

Game 1

This game killed my soul. It felt like I had swallowed sand paper. Both Ben and I played lands for the first four turns with no spells. The first spell that was cast was a Merfolk Looter which promptly met a Spell Burst without the buyback. After another turn of me assembling lands, Ben played a Lord of Atlantis which stuck. The Lord was followed by a Rootwater Thief, with no response by me. I tried to cast Teferi at end of turn but ran into a Counterspell. On my turn I followed with a Wrath of God which reset the board. On his next turn he played and stuck a Static Orb, cutting the Tron decks strength significantly. A Rootwater Thief hit the board next turn, which immediately met a Remand, but the Remand was rendered inert by a Counterspell. Rootwater Thief was humbled by Faith’s Fetters on the next turn. After a few turns of untapping on both sides, Ben cast an Opposition which met a Remand, but the counter was then Thwart’d. With the lock on board Ben looked to be in good shape, and after landing a second Rootwater Thief, a Merfolk Looter and a Waterfront Bounce it seemed he was in shape to win the game. After a few turns of beating me down, the final piece of Tron hit my hand after having untapped tow Hallowed Fountains, so I threw it down with a Wrath of God that successfully cleared the board. After many more turns of casting creatures followed by counter battles, I was finally able to cast Compulsive Research to finish off the Opp-Orb deck’s library.

UW Torn 1-Opp Orb 0

Game 2

This game was much exciting. Ben went first and on turn two cast a Thief that was met by a Spell Snare. On turn three he cast a Looter which landed, following it up with a Gush to refill his hand. I cast Faith’s Fetters to convert the Looter but it was Foil’d. The next turn saw a Lord hit the board, and I was hit in the face for two. The Tron went online the next turn, and the Lord hit the graveyard due to Triskelavus tokens. The Lord was immediately replace. And my life lowered to fifteen. After a turn of inaction, Ben continued his beatdown taking me to twelve. On the next turn I found an Academy Ruins and fielded it to a victory through a Triskelavus loop.

UW Tron 2-Opp Orb 0

Game 3

Ben went first again and in a near mirror of game 2 cast a Rootwater Thief that met Spell Snare. Turn three saw Ben casting a Lord which was Snare’d also. A few turns and a Gush and Compulsive Research later a Merfolk Looter hit the board. Which was followed by the completion of the Tron on my side. This was immediately followed by a little Research, which led to a Triskelavus which met a Thwart. Meanwhile, Ben was putting the beatdown on threw a Looter. A second Triskelavus was Foil’d, but the Foil was Remanded. The Trisk hit the board threatening to lock down the game. The Trisk took the Looter out, it was backed up with a Ruins, and once again took the game by locking down Ben’s creatures.
UW Tron 3-Opp Orb 0

This first match was rather painful for both Ben and I, but we made the best of it and had fun with the match. Both of this decks seemed very skill intensive, and with our short preparation process (1 day) we definitely didn’t know what we were doing half the time. In the end, it just seemed that Tron’s cards were just slightly more powerful than Opp-Orb’s.

Next Time on Worlds Tour: Opp-Orb vs Dragonstorm


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